Giant Allergies - Spring Fling Kidlit Entry

Atlanta's terrible pollen/allergy season was my motivation for Ciara O'Neal and Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez's Spring Fling Kidlit Contest. Before moving down south I never realized it was possible for an entire city to be coated in a layer of greenish-yellow dust, but it is. The contest rules include writing a story that is under 150 words aimed for children under 12, as well as attaching a spring gif that serves as inspiration. When I couldn't find something that fit, I made my own! (Note, I am in no way an artist, and likely never will be, but it's fun to have another outlet for creativity. Please don't judge my terrible drawing skills too harshly!) ********************************************* GIANT ALLERGIES 148 words The Great Sneeze of 1999 nearly decimated the tiny town of Tinkerville. Who would have thought one itchy nose could hurl houses, catapult cars, and topple trees? Well, when that itchy nose sits on a giant's face, anything is

GIF Creation

Still playing with Procreate over here. I'll be entering the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest  (run by the wonderful Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara O'Neal) next week and couldn't find a gif I liked for the story I had in mind. So... I made one! There are still a few days before entries are due, so we'll see if I end up changing anything. But for now, this is my plan! Can you guess what my story is about?!?


I’m not an artist— not even close! But... I enjoy doodling and have been trying to learn to use procreate. So today I made this. It’s the least terrible drawing I’ve done so far!


Once upon a time there was a girl (that's me!) from a small town in Connecticut, who wanted to become a teacher. She went off to college and was on her way to fulfilling her dream when she realized she had never given any other career options the time of day! So in her senior year she left the education program and took courses in business, religion, accounting, etc., and graduated with a degree in mathematics and minors in education and psychology. She entered the real world with no idea where she wanted to be, and eventually returned to finish her teaching certificate and became an educator. She taught twice exceptional students (each was both gifted and talented and special needs) in grades 3-6 and then taught 5th grade language arts and social studies at a charter school. Eventually life took a turn and she left education for the medical field. After working in pediatric oncology and volunteering as an EMT, the girl (still me!) became a physician assistant. She found a positi